Melding over Arrows Group

Door Ariel Weinberger op 06-04-2017 12:57:10
I was contacted by an Arrows recruiter this morning.

A recruiter from Arrows sent me an e-mail today (April 6) about a position, for the second time (same position was sent to me by the same recruiter on March 23). Then, I asked them to remove me from the mailing list because I don't like the idea of them asking me what my expected salary is before even applying and knowing the company.

Two hours later, I got the same exact job vacancy from another recruiter at Arrows Group. So the same job, three times in a row.

1. Very unprofessional to ask for salary via e-mail, without knowing anything about the company. Feels like they are robots and more than that, that we the developers are robots.
2. Sending me the same vacancy twice by the same person, within less than two weeks.
3. Very bad synchronisation between recruiters. Two different recruiters, same company, sending me the same vacancy 3 times, especially after I asked to be removed from the mailing list.
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